Thank you Gamers United F.G. magazine for the shoutout!

"Though in business a half dozen years, Midnight Magician Game Warehouse first widely spread their desire to get half price consoles in every home a few years ago at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the first annual Twitch Con; a hub for gaming enthusiasts.

M.M.G.W. prides itself in only providing new, unused consoles at affordable prices, rather than selling used systems like competitors.

'Gamers tell us what they want.  They are our voice.  They want speed and affordability.  Hopefully we provide that,' cites Darren Oceves of M.M.G.W.

With a passion for gaming that is unparalleled, Midnight Magician figures to be at the forefront of cost conscious system purchasing in 2018 and beyond."

      -- Reece Flores

            Gamers United F.G.